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Collateral’s impressive tale of creativity and innovation began with print advertising. It was our first kiss and we cherish it till date. Over the years we have strengthened our art of storytelling and created some memorable campaigns. Working closely with clients, we understand their needs and develop campaigns that target the right audience with high recall value.

Our offline advertising services range from print ads to retail, radio & television to events. We have set many new benchmarks for our global clients. From festival ads for Volkswagen to the launch of the first youth-targeted BlackBerry smartphone, we have always built a community to get closer to the consumers. Even in retail, our stories have helped brands reach the masses and turn them into loyal customers. We have successfully adapted print campaigns to Point-of-Sale materials and added values as per the market requirements.

Our storytelling art comes in handy when it is about stories on radio and television. The experience we hold in events and activations has also been of great value for our clients. And as uncommon as it is, we have the expertise of digital advertising under the same roof. Explore our services to know our story better..