Search Engine Marketing

Our digital marketing team works relentlessly to write the best stories in Search Marketing Solutions. Our stories on search platform have helped brands to connect with consumers and generate quality leads for maximum conversions. Collateral employs the best bid management tools for the optimum outcome. With our advanced lead management system, we ensure relevant and maximum traffic to the clients' site. We effectively manage Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as per the latest alteration by search engines. At Collateral, we are constantly updated about search engines' algorithm amendments to put into action the right solutions. We devise a plan as per the clients' domain, simply because every domain has a specific set of target audience. We sharply target to engage that group to get the maximum output at a minimum cost. With our SEM and SEO service, we assure maximum visibility and clicks of the brand on the search engine.

Mobile App Development

So what's the story here? Well simply, these are our stories on-the-go. We create mobile apps so that we are continuously connected to consumers. To put it across more specifically, we provide Mobile App Development Services. With the smartphone consumers on the rise, brands cannot afford to lose consumers on the mobile platform. That's where Collateral comes in to empower brands. We create mobile apps that are user-friendly to get more business for the brands and make life easy for consumers. We customize: Every brand has its own identity and we develop mobile apps keeping the brand's look and feel in mind. Every client’s business requirement is different, and so are our apps. We are everywhere: iOS, Android OS, Windows OS. Smartphone, tablet or phablet. We develop cross-platform, cross-domain apps, i.e. mobile apps that are compatible with every platform. We engage: We develop mobile apps that engage users with the brand. QR code activation, location based services, real-time notification and many other features are all in store for the brand to maximize its reach.

Social Media Marketing

This world is a small place, it's true in the era of social networking. Round the clock, people are actively networking on social sites. A place where communicating with someone is just a click away. Brands present on social media have the opportunity to listen to consumers, their demands and make a meaningful conversation. Its potential is vast and cannot be matched by any other medium. Collateral enables the brands to reach their target audience. With blogs, communities, pages, photo-sharing sites and micro-blogging sites, brands are in the perfect position to make a direct communication. Social media sites have become an important medium to create awareness and interact with consumers. Brands can tell their stories on social media and consumers can become a part of their story. Collateral creates an interactive story on social media by striking the right chord of understanding the domain and managing it. It's a continuous effort to build a brand on social media and communicate with customers. Regular updates, interactive contests, viral videos and account management, it's an everyday task. Along with daily updates on social sites, reputation management is the key area. We utilize the latest reputation management tools to track all the social mentions and answer them with right attitude.


Digital is no exception to our storytelling abilities at Collateral. As a full-service ad agency, we provide digital marketing solutions “in line with the offline” communications. The scenario of expenditures on offline media as compared to the online media is changing as fast the click of the mouse. Brands today are focusing more on getting online visibility, and the war of attracting maximum consumer eyeballs is getting more intense. ‘Stay online, Stay on top’ is the latest mantra for the success of a brand.In today’s world, search engines like Google, Bing and Safari rule our world. Google being the cross-platform tool, it can reach specific consumers and engage them with the brand. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and many other social media platforms have brought the world closer, and consumers even closer to the brand. Collateral’s Digital wing (Outreach) brings the right mix of strategy and creative to the table. Our experts, with a decade of experience have rolled out successful digital campaigns for many brands. From Search Engines to Display Networks and Social Media, you can find our stories everywhere.With Outreach, we deliver excellence through complete digital solutions, thus giving the essential edge to brands in this competitive scenario.