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Yet another day at work with no water in the washrooms! How do 45 people spend days with less or no water in the washrooms? Has the water crisis reached a city like Mumbai? Will there be a third world war on account of water...? That was the topic of discussion over lunch when the phone rang...

“Hi, we are launching an initiative, ‘Paani KaTeeka’ to conserve water and we need a digital partner...”

The call seemed almost providential! It was an opportunity we were waiting for.

Since that first call, it has been a roller coaster ride; mostly upwards; with IdeaHive Media Pvt. Ltd., a ‘Cause Driven Media Campaign Management’ agency. The brief seemed simple; bring people together and initiate a movement to save water, stop leakages and harvest rainwater. The deliverables – a website for the company, a website to launch the Paani Ka Teeka initiative, and a social media campaign to string it all together. And the timelines – Just 12 days! Our throats ran dry!

Saving water was not enough. We wanted to take this cause to the next level. We didn’t just want to ask people to save water; we wanted to make them take that first step. But the real problem was HOW do we do it?!

Yes, we had digital as a platform. It was the in thing, more responsive and cooler. But given the speed at which digital changes, creating an impact was going to be challenging. The solution... We had to be quick, we had to be witty, we had to tug at everyone’s heart strings and get them to come together and ACT!

The countdown begins!

First, the briefing, then the de-briefing, the brainstorming, arriving at an idea, discarding that idea, brainstorming again; and it went on what seems like for days. Putting it all together in a span of 12 days seemed to be a daunting task initially. As the days went by, we saw this initiative grow. Slowly, yet steadily, the hours spent on brainstorming were bearing fruit.

It was on the 6th day that we had a brainwave. During one such session, we thought, if this initiative needs to catch the fancy of everyone, why not do something that would go viral? The ice bucket challenge was floating before our eyes. We decided to approach celebs that would support us in our work. All they had to do is PLEDGE to save water and tag three of their friends to do the same. We wanted it to spread like a wild fire. And it did!  We were surprised at the number of people who came forward to help with this cause. The likes of Sivamani, Louiz Banks, Suneeta Rao, Jaya Bhattacharya, Sarah-Jane Dias, etc joined in to spread the awareness about the water crisis and challenged their friends to save water in some way or the other.

Taking the Pledge...

So, the wireframes of the websites were being made, the social media strategy was falling in place. And with videos streaming in, we were in all set for the launch of this initiative.
The D-day arrived. We all were proud, and eagerly waiting for the launch of ‘Paani Ka Teeka’. It was a proud moment for us. We had with us Shaina NC, HE Princess Asharaje Gaekwad, Crispino Lobo, Marcella D’souza and Louiz Banks.

The press conference gave us the required push and from that moment, there was no looking back. It was only the beginning of a movement... a citizen’s movement; to pledge to save our country, our world from which is headed towards a global crisis.
We have taken the Paani Ka Teeka pledge to conserve water. And we won’t stop till we reverse this crisis.

Are you with us? All it needs you to do a take the pledge and challenge your friends to take it on...