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Philips. Numero Uno… in more ways than one!

Like a first kiss, this was special. Very special. Our very first account, one that helped lay our foundations and give us belief.

Doubly special! For this was the undisputed #1 in Audio – historically, the most prolific inventors and innovators, on a global scale!

A portfolio larger than any other in Indian consumer electronics at the time. Over 40 products in Audio, TVs, LCDs, DVDs, Home Theatres, Tapes and accessories… We contributed to all of these, plus B2B, corporate and HR. Consistently and effectively, for years. A plethora of AVs and jingles, endless BTL renditions. It was a perfect and mutually beneficial relationship.

Alas, it only ended when Philips moved its HQ to Delhi, and company policy demanded local support. But yes, this was our first kiss. And we shall always cherish it.

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