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The name TATA has been an integral part of India’s post independence growth and progress and a name that has become synonymous with TRUST. Needless to say the TATA Group is one of the largest groups in the country and comprises of over 107 companies, many owned and others as JVs. 

TATA Motors Limited, another torchbearer of the group is also India’s largest automobile manufacturer. Its range covers commercial and passenger vehicles. Today over 50 lakh Tata commercial vehicles ply on the Indian roads connecting goods with consumers and ensuring the wheels of progress are kept in motion.

Collaterals association with TML started with a call from a old friend (again ex Philips), who was posted back to Mumbai. Involved with the Corporate Sales, Passenger Vehicles Business Unit (PVBU) the task was to support them with e-Mailers.

A quick meeting, a brief understanding and Collateral began its work. Understanding the requirement becomes easy when the agency has been the agency on record for Volkswagen and Audi for over 7 years. 

Separate communication for TATA companies please. Followed by We are targeting the Banks this month. Can we do something to promote our property The Trust of India. This month’s offers are for the Doctors. How a targeting the Taj Group? TCS is a low hanging fruit. LIC is an ocean can we reach out to them...?  Now let’s target the top 200 companies! Oh, just for the records we started work with tem about 4 months ago.

Currently Collateral is involved in putting together an annual plan proactively to initiate another discussion and roll out.

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