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The British ruled India for 200 years, and apart from the language of English, they also introduced India to some key areas that helped the development of the country post independence. One of them is the method and technique of road construction.
India as a country has progressed since then, the road construction and development has become an industry of sorts taking India on a growth trajectory. Today we boast of a huge network of roads that connect the remotest place with the hinterland. Agreed that a lot of work still needs to be done, but then Rome wasn’t built in a day either.

Along with the roads came the cars, came the signals and came the regulations. 
India’s growth has been phenomenal; our sheer numbers are mind boggling, everything here is big and large. With such size and numbers comes the issue of managing the same.

TrafficInfra Tech is India’s unique exhibition for the traf?c, infrastructure & road safety industry. It showcases the latest in traf?c management technology, Intelligent Transport Systems, Tolling, Safety & Security, Mass transport & Parking Management. In its 5th Edition, the expo concentrates on getting together companies and people from the traffic management and solutions segment under one roof to showcase their skills and solutions which the competent authorities and municipalities can adopt and implement. All this information needs to be shared with everyone concerned within the industry, that is when Collateral, the digital marketing and promotion agency was approached to increase awareness & reach and also invite exhibitors & visitors to the ExpoTrafficInfra Tech.

Collateral was aware of the issues of niche audience, coupled with low awareness and practically no media presence/coverage till date. Not to be deterred, the digital marketing and promotion team at Collateral decided to take on the challenge. Take on they did and how!

The results proved it all. On Facebook the page likes increased by 190% within 4 months that too organically with no promotion.  In turn we got 1.3 lac plus impressions within 4 months and engagement increased by 100% within 4 months.

On LinkedIn the followers increased to over 400 organically. Plus Collateral team got the client 1.9 lac plus impressions within 4 months and over 500 plus clicks to website.

Collateral ensured that on Twitter over 450 followers without promotion were sealed, With 30000 plus impressions within 4 months with an engagement rate that increased by 90% in just 4 months.

Such was the overall impact of Collateral contribution towards the promotion of the expo that it became a successful show with exhibitors from 20 plus countries with 300 plus conference delegates attending,  over 100 Exhibitors participating and over 3000 visitors gracing the expo.

Collateral has cleared the way for a smooth traffic ahead.

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